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Dr. Melissa Smith is a Certified Life Coach, as well as a Mental Health Professional. She has more than twelve years of experience working in various settings in the mental health, substance abuse, and human services field. She has a BS degree in Psychology, a MS degree in Social and Community Services, a MS in Psychology and a PhD. in Human and Social Services. She also has completed PhD. coursework in Clinical Psychology. 

Dr. Melissa Smith is an active volunteer in the community for various causes and encourages youth, families, and others to participate. Dr. Smith has faced many of life's challenges and believes her life experiences guides her with trusting in others ability to find balance and work through their difficult times. Through humor, maintaining respect, the love of helping others, and creative thinking Dr. Smith inspires others to reach their full potential and live a rewarding life. 

Motivate. Assist. Encourage. Inc.

Motivate. Assist. Encourage. Inc. provides support to individuals, families and the community. The various areas the organization provides improve the lives of many. Mrs. Mae Elliott is the late, Great Grandmother of Dr. Melissa Smith and her practices are the foundation of the organization, Motivate. Assist. Encourage Inc. Mrs. Mae Elliott passed away in 2001 at the age of 109 years old. Prior to her death she received recognition for being the eldest living citizen in her community. She received letters from different Presidents of the United States that gave recognition of her age and contribution she added to her community. Mrs. Elliott lived to see, communicate, motivate and inspire many. She had a passion for health and spirituality. The Motivate. Assist. Encourage. Inc. organization was developed in honor of her and the inspiration she provided to others. 

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  • "Continue to support mental health awareness it is a very silent issue that should be addressed constantly."
  • "Great Ideas, don't give up. "

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